International 12 foot dinghy

Thoughts on the International 12 sailing dinghy

The International 12 Foot Dinghy was the first recognized international "one-design" class ever. It was the boat chosen for sailing events in two Olympics. This design is over one hundred years old, and is still represented by hundreds of boats sailing annually.

I have chosen to build this boat in the traditional lapstrake fashion. Using solid wood for the planking, no glue between the planks and relying on copper and bronze fastenings throughout. 


I feel this boat to be a perfect "sail and oars" boat, not weighted too heavily toward performance sailing or rowing, but capable of doing both with safety. 

Whether sailing leisurely, racing in a gale with a reef tucked in, fishing under the power of oars or just aimlessly adventuring, the timeless design and heirloom quality construction should please even the most discerning among us.

I have tracked the build of an international 12 in my blog here. 


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