Punch List 1

As the days grew shorter and shorter, and fall made itself apparent, I knew I wasn’t going to sail the boat before winter arrived. But there would likely be enough time to get the boat on the water for a bit of rowing. To do this, I needed to finish up the many small things that needed doing before the boat could see water. 

To begin with, I needed an aft seat, which was fairly straightforward to construct. 

I also needed to apply the protective brass strips to the keel, beaching strips, and outwales. 

I would also need to install the lifting points, which are bolted through the keel. These proved to be very useful, as I am able to hoist the boat by them with minimal setup. 


 I also at this time attached the rudder hardware, and oarlocks. 

I ordered a small boat trailer kit, and assembled it myself, and hoisted the boat onto it. 

I also built a pair of long narrow oars, which I will describe the making of at a later point. 

I then applied another coat of finish, and waited. 

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