How many things do you own that are handmade? Not just assembled by hand, but created from scratch? I can say categorically that everything I own that is handmade gives me a more rich experience than the mass-produced version would. Handmade things reverberate with the hopes and dreams of the craftsperson. The hope that the user will find as much joy in the object as the creator did in it's making.

The things I make are to be used, not merely looked at, but experienced, and appreciated for what they are: the culmination of years of study and practice in the pursuit of quality, thoughtful design, and beauty that will endure beyond my time. 

I realize that there isn't enough time on this earth for me to build all the things whirling in my head, but that won't stop me from trying. 

Let us build the heirloom that you have always dreamed of together.